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Jamun Seeds Powder – 250gm

Jamun Seeds Powder – 250gm

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Tribal Jamun Seed Powder slowdowns complications of diabetes, it reduces fasting and post-meal blood sugar and regenerates insulin-secreting cells

Jamun seeds are considered an excellent remedy for diabetic people. It helps in controlling blood sugar levels in the body. Now don’t wait for the Jamun season to heal your insulin-deficiency issues. Grab this 100% real and organically grown Jamun Seeds Powder from Tribalveda. This powder is especially hand-processed by our tribal women. With no added preservatives or artificial flavors and made from 100% real Jamun seeds. Tribalveda Jamun seeds powder is highly rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, flavonoids, and polyphenols. Besides aiding in controlling blood sugar levels, Jamun seeds powder is also good at

  • Improving stomach health and managing various digestive issues
  • Helping in regulating blood pressure levels
  • Boosting immunity
  • Managing weight issues
  • Controlling urine incontinence


Nutritional Information

Serving size per 100 gm


Energy 251 KJ (60 KCal)
Carbs 15.56 g
Fats 0.23 g
Protein 0.072 g
Calcium 19 mg (2%)
Iron 0.19 mg (1%)
Magnesium 15 mg (4%)
Phosphorus 17 mg (2%)
Potassium 79 mg (2%)
Sodium 14 mg (1%)
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Sustainable livelihood

Tribalveda with its unique model is providing sustainable livelihood to hundreds of tribal women of Rajasthan.