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Tribalveda Special -Jamun Green Tea (30 Sachets) + Tulsi & Ajwain Honey (400ml)

Tribalveda Special -Jamun Green Tea (30 Sachets) + Tulsi & Ajwain Honey (400ml)

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Tribalveda’s special deal- Get 10% discount on purchasing Jamun Green Tea (30 Sachets) and Honey- Tulsi and Ajwain (400ml)

  • In the Box Contains- Jamun Green Tea (30 Sachets) + Honey- Tulsi & Ajwain (400ml)
  • You receive the health advantages of both jamun and green tea when you drink Jamun Green Tea.
  • All our teas, in tea bags or loose form, can be rebrewed. All you have to do is add hot water to it and stir it for 3-4 minutes. Made from 100% real and natural products.
  • A unique blend of Farm Honey is the result of bees foraging through the farms of Tulsi & Ajwain. 
  • Tribalveda Tulsi and Ajwain Honey is scientifically proven to provide higher anti-oxidants and stronger immunity
  • Tribalveda Products are 100% natural with no added sugar, flavor, or preservatives
  • Every item you purchase on Tribalveda helps raise the tribal community’s standard of living.
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Sustainable livelihood

Tribalveda with its unique model is providing sustainable livelihood to hundreds of tribal women of Rajasthan.